An interview with Daniela Turcanu, Head of Marketing at

We sit down with Daniela Turcanu, Head of Marketing at is an easy-to-use digital platform that allows you to collect, curate and showcase authentic user-generated content from your brand's fans.

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How did you end up at, and what problem does solve for its clients?

I have been with for nearly 6 years, and I have witnessed its ability to humanize marketing for brands worldwide. The reason I decided to work here is my profound appreciation for user-generated content, which I consider to be an incredibly powerful marketing tool, if not the most influential one. excels in aggregating UGC from various social media channels, while also enabling direct UGC uploads. This empowers companies to harness the authentic voices and creative expressions of their customers to persuade others to make purchases. With just a few clicks, assists marketers and communications specialists in seamlessly integrating UGC into every stage of the user journey across multiple channels.

As the Head of Marketing, what are your main responsibilities at Walls?

As the Head of Marketing at, my responsibilities encompass various aspects of the company's marketing activities. Firstly, I am responsible for developing comprehensive marketing strategies aligned with our company's goals. This involves conducting market research, identifying target audiences, analyzing competitors, and seizing opportunities to drive our brand forward. I also oversee campaign planning and execution, aiming to enhance brand awareness and drive customer engagement through impactful marketing initiatives. Secondly, I manage our digital marketing efforts, ensuring optimized website performance, effective search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, engaging email marketing campaigns, and compelling social media presence. Additionally, I supervise the creation of high-quality marketing content, such as blog posts, social media content, and videos. Furthermore, I monitor campaign performance through analytics and reporting, tracking key metrics and providing regular reports to the management team.

To get a bit more technical, what are some of the acquisition channels that have worked well for Walls and why do you think that is?

To make people aware of, we implement a dual approach by combining paid and organic marketing channels. Paid marketing channels, such as targeted online advertising, expand our reach and attract new audiences. Organic marketing channels, including content marketing and social media engagement, build long-term credibility and foster customer loyalty. These methods work exceptionally well for due to their synergistic impact and customer-centric approach. By combining paid and organic marketing channels, maximizes its visibility and reach, capturing the attention of potential customers efficiently. Additionally, through valuable content and engagement on social media, builds trust, generates interest, and fosters lasting customer relationships.

At ColdFire, when we look at our clients' Marketing strategies, they vary greatly. Some have found a single, scalable client acquisition process while others thrive on a mix of top-of-funnel strategies. If you had to summarise the high-level LeadGenMarketing strategy of Walls, what would it be?'s marketing strategy at a high level revolves around harnessing a combination of paid and organic marketing channels to achieve success. The objective is to optimize visibility and reach by employing targeted online advertising while emphasizing organic approaches like content marketing, social media engagement, and search engine optimization. The effectiveness of customer acquisition across all marketing channels stems from our customer-centric approach. We understand the importance of tailoring our messaging, content, and engagement strategies to meet our target audience's specific needs and preferences. This customer-centric focus ensures that our marketing efforts resonate with potential customers, regardless of the channel through which they encounter By consistently delivering value, addressing customer pain points, and showcasing the benefits of our platform, we successfully drive customer acquisition across various marketing channels.

What is a Marketing technique that you've used at Walls or at previous companies which you believe is underutilized at most Marketing teams - and why?

One often overlooked marketing tactic that is highly effective is the utilization of customer testimonials and reviews. By incorporating genuine feedback and positive experiences our customers share, we can build trust, credibility and drive conversions. These testimonials serve as powerful endorsements, offering a real-life perspective that influences the decision-making process of potential customers. Strategically showcasing testimonials across various marketing channels, such as our website and social media platforms, helps establish our brand's authenticity and reliability. In addition to testimonials, actively seeking and leveraging customer reviews is crucial. Online reviews play a significant role in the digital landscape, with many consumers relying on them before purchasing. Encouraging customers to share their experiences provides valuable feedback and generates authentic content that can be utilized for marketing purposes. By leveraging these testimonials and reviews, we tap into the power of social proof, establishing credibility and building trust among our target audience, ultimately leading to increased customer acquisition and retention.

Has your Marketing team experimented with some kind of cold outbound strategy (like cold email)? If yes what was the general outcome and if no, why not?

Our cold outbound strategy works well for because it allows us to proactively reach out to a targeted audience who may not be aware of our platform and its benefits. Crafting personalized and compelling cold emails enables us to capture recipients' attention and demonstrate the unique value proposition of We highlight how our platform can solve their pain points, enhance their marketing efforts, and provide tangible benefits. This direct outreach allows us to generate interest, initiate conversations, and potentially convert recipients into customers. To make the cold outbound strategy effective for, we focus on creating high-quality email campaigns, accurately targeting the right audience, and delivering compelling messages that resonate with recipients. By personalizing each email, demonstrating knowledge of the recipient's industry or challenges, and emphasizing relationship-building rather than just pushing sales, we increase the success rate of our cold outbound strategy. The only downside of cold outreach is that the sales cycle is much longer than usual, but it's worth all the work.

Thanks for taking the time! Where can people find out more about
Sure thing, people can go to
to learn more, thanks!
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