An interview with Kiril Kurmytskiy, Marketing Manager at Zingtree

We sit down with Kiril Kurmytskiy, Marketing Manager at Zingtree. Zingtree’s AI-powered decision tree platform transforms self-service, uncovers and implements automation opportunities, and makes every agent an expert.

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How did you end up at Zingtree and what problem does Zingtree solve for its clients?

In 2022, I joined Zingtree through an offer from my former manager, Grant Duncan. Initially part-time, I eventually accepted a full-time position after completing several projects. Nowadays, businesses rely on an average of 177 apps, a staggering increase from just 8 in 2015. This complexity brings challenges, making it impossible to bring everything together, and implement and update workflows for your agents at the speed your business requires. It's like trying to solve an enormous puzzle. As a result, agents lack the necessary knowledge, experience, and processes to effectively assist customers, leaving them frustrated. Zingtree was built to solve this problem. We utilize your expertise, data, apps, knowledge, and business intent to impact your business quickly. You can create and integrate workflows into your systems, guiding agents through customer conversations and providing self-help options on your website.

As the Product Marketing Manager, what are your main responsibilities at Zingtree?

As the Product Marketing Manager, my role encompasses the following responsibilities: - Crafting product positioning and messaging to differentiate our product and highlight its value proposition; - Enhancing and optimizing website content, landing pages, and lifecycle emails to drive greater engagement among our target audience; - Managing the production and distribution of our podcast to generate demand and captivate our listeners; - Generating content for both organic and paid social media channels; - Developing sales materials, such as email nurture campaigns and outbound cold emails, to empower salespeople and drive revenue; - Creating competitive battle cards to equip salespeople with effective tools for prospect meetings and distinguish themselves in a competitive landscape; - Providing support to CX and product teams to enhance the overall customer experience; - Communicating and promoting product launches to generate excitement and increase the adoption and usage of our products.

To get a bit more technical, what are some of the acquisition channels that have worked well for Zingtree and why do you think that is?

In the B2B world, buyers want to make informed decisions through their own research. My objective is to facilitate this decision-making process by providing educational resources. As Chris Walker says, modern marketing should educate the market rather than just generate leads for Sales. Launching a podcast seems to be one of the most effective ways for educating the market. By recording a single 30-45 min podcast, you can get content for several weeks ahead: - Include the podcast audio in the blog, enriching it with transcriptions to boost SEO traffic to your website; - Extract video snippets from the podcast and share them as organic and paid social media posts; - Publish the podcast video on your YouTube channel and provide links to it in your social media posts, allowing interested listeners to access the entire episode; - Utilize impactful statements from the episodes as social proof in your case studies.

At ColdFire, when we look at our clients' Marketing strategies, they vary greatly. Some have found a single, scalable client acquisition process while others thrive on a mix of top-of-funnel strategies. If you had to summarise the high-level LeadGenMarketing strategy of Zingtree, what would it be?

Our marketing strategy can be summarized as a well-rounded and balanced approach. Firstly, we have established a robust and distinctive product positioning that resonates with our ICP profile. This positioning is consistently conveyed through our messaging and marketing materials. Secondly, we prioritize the creation of educational and engaging content tailored to our ICP. We distribute this content through our podcast, website, emails, blog posts, social posts, and YouTube, ensuring maximum reach and impact. Lastly, we strongly believe in the power of collaboration. We actively collaborate with our Sales, Product, and CX teams, recognizing that their contributions are vital to the overall success of our marketing initiatives.

What is a Marketing technique that you've used at Zingtree or at previous companies which you believe is underutilized at most Marketing teams - and why?

Starting my journey in Product Marketing as a Content Editor, I think I brought some skills to Zingtree from this field. Before starting any project, I conduct interviews and research, which takes more than half of my project time. Here're some of the questions I ask during interviews: - Who is our target audience? Are they beginners or experienced individuals? What knowledge do they possess, and what will be new to them? - How will they access our marketing material? This shapes the article's tone and positioning; - Why should they be interested in reading about this? What challenges do they face? How do they currently address them? It's crucial to avoid addressing irrelevant problems; - What is the intended fate of the material? How it will be used? - What are our goals? Are we aiming for sales, conversions, or data collection? - How will we measure the success of these goals?

Has your Marketing team experimented with some kind of cold outbound strategy (like cold email)? If yes what was the general outcome and if no, why not?

We are currently in the process of developing our cold outbound strategy. So I don't have any results to share at the moment. However, I would be happy to reconnect in a couple of months to provide an update on our progress and share some tangible outcomes.

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Sure thing, people can go to
to learn more, thanks!
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