Learn how we get you 3~6 meetings p/week by using polite cold email

We’re a boutique team of just 4 (!) hands-on outbound experts. We’ll join your team as an extension of your own and usually reply within the hour. We have no middle managers or fancy offices, meaning you get a very experienced team for a fair price.
Founder & CEO

Serial Founder, former UX Director at Razorfish and Senior PM at BCG. Responsible for Sales & Accounts.

Campaign Director

Polite Cold Email marketing expert with 7yrs of outbound experience.   Responsible for Client Performance.

Operations Manager

Our operational lead with expertise in sales and project management. Responsible for ColdFire operations.

Head of Automation

A product expert with a 5 year track record of automating operations. Responsible for System Automation.

Other Agencies
Script Writing
Human / Native English
AI / non native speakers
Pricing Model
Retainer + Performance
Retainer only
Email verification
Double / 97%+ verified
Single / no verification
Focus & Expertise
Only Polite Cold Email
Multiple digital services
Lead Delivery Method
CRM/Slack/Email Integration
Email forwarding
Average Performance
8~24 calls p/month
No guidance
Qualified Lead Scoring
Qualified Scoring System
No scoring system
Lead Reporting Method
24/7 Dashboard
Raw CSV export
Campaign Launch Speed
Within 15 days
Within 30 days

Metrics of a typical 6 month ColdFire campaign

This is an example based on past campaigns, exact performance varies per company.
Deep Market & ICP Research
Define Problem & Value Proposition
Get a 9-page Strategy Report
Get a detailed ColdFire Roadmap
Get Reviewed Target Contact List
Get Final Cold 
Email Scripts
Get Warmed-up Shield Domain
Receive Email Verification Proof
Get Campaign Dashboard Access
Campaign Launch in less than 18 days
Get 3~6 calls per week in your CRM
Bi-weekly Calls to Optimize Campaign
Yes, Let’s Book a Call
“ColdFire did a great job articulating our value proposition in a polite cold email script. Our cold email funnel now generates between 20 to 30 leads p/month”
Philipp Thhyben
Co-Founder at
Pulpo WMS
“ColdFire helped us find 100s of new agents using their cold-email motion. Their know-how was key to our success in filling up our pipeline.”
Karim Goudiaby
Founder & CEO at Neximo
“We closed an average of 2 advertising leads, now we’re closing more than 7 p/month. ColdFire manages our entire cold funnel, our SDRs can just do calls.”
Daniel Trostli
CEO at Sample Focus
“We wanted to diversify our client acquisition channels and rely a bit less on referrals. ColdFire built a cold email funnel from scratch which now adds 16~24 calls per month”
Milos Mitrovic
Founder at Bureau22